Radiation levels passed on to those that have a CAT scan are rather minimal, speaking to your doctor in case you have concerns when having 1 done is critical as they can give you assistance and run by way of wellness & safety procedures. An MRI can detect quite a few factors in the body, and is essentially used to check for issues with veins, & spinal injuries; on the brain & body for tumours & tissue harm too. 

To help diagnose several ailments the use of x-rays is required, the most used 1 being the MRI to check out bones & in certain the brain Lots of men and women think that CAT scan plus the MRI are the same, nonetheless they're in fact different; they use different technologies to take the images plus the MRI produces much clearer photographs & to be sure it doesn't expose the individual to radiation.

Tomography is the scientific name for the process of x-raying the body, the machine uses takes pictures of the body and creates a three dimensional image which can then checked for any abnormalities. Most us think that x-ray machines are only used in hospitals to diagnose illnesses, in truth a lot of areas in the scientific field use this form of technology, such as marine biologists to see deep into the water as well as take pictures of marine and plant life.